Friday, October 24, 2014

Roll 1d100: Things in Rooms

100 things you could find in a room!

  1. A book containing 1,001 curses.
  2. An elven prince, turned to glass.
  3. A beautifully flowering plant with a heady aroma.
  4. 144 champagne flutes filled with differing amounts of amber liquid.
  5. A time-stop bubble containing an infant in a cradle and a collection of various limbs.
  6. A pair of rats playing a game of chess and engaging in political discourse.
  7. A bathtub filled awith crystal clear hot water.
  8. A portrait of a landscape. With the right pass phrase, an onlooker can enter the world of the painting.
  9. A single kobold with a spiked chain standing on a bridge over a pit.
  10. An unlamp that sheds darkness as a lantern.

  11. A mosaic with a strange phrase in large lettering at top.
  12. A basin filled with slime-covered grubs. Touching the slime or grubs burns with acid. 1 in 20 chance to gain insight into the first sorcery of the Bilewurm.
  13. A humidor on a desk containing carefully preserved larvae. Delicacies in some regions.
  14. Stores of unrefined tree sap. Raw material for incense used in some religious services.
  15. A carpet of yellow fungus.
  16. A small hand mirror affixed to the ceiling, pointing straight down.
  17. A mirror, painted over with black paint.
  18. The local king's 43rd adviser.
  19. A knight encased in armor. He speaks cryptically and laughs morosely after most statements.
  20. A skeleton. He only wants to remember what it was like to be alive. He will trade free passage for something that can remind him.
  21. A moth-like creature with wings that fluctuate in shape and color.
  22. A statue- left half is stone, right half is mostly rotten flesh and exposed bone.
  23. A medusa who is blind in one eye.
  24. An ornate and finely decorated habitat for small rodents called spellthieves.
  25. The animated digestive tract of a large predatory animal.
  26. A long hallway, with oil on the floor. Stepping through the doorway triggers the Third Spell of Gravitational Axis. 15D10 falling damage.
  27. A hallway with paintings lining it. Each one houses a vengeful spectre that will haunt whoever releases it.
  28. A long hallway with a majestic gilt oak door at the end. No matter how fast you run, you never move closer to the door or further from the entrance.
  29. 8 stone statues of various creatures and individuals, in a ring in the center of the room. If someone enters the room, a “Stone to Flesh” spell animates the statues, who immediately try to trap the others and escape themselves. As soon as there are only 8 living creatures left in the room, a “Flesh to Stone” spell transmutes those remaining into statues once more.
  30. A few glass statues, and a fine powder of glass dust on the floor. Energetic activity in the room kicks up the glass dust, which carries a contagion that slowly turns the infected to glass.
  31. A long lost tome of hymns to Solaire, god of sunlight and scaphism. Recovering the book from its location immediately alerts all true clerics of Solaire, who come hunting for it.
  32. An interlocking series of cisterns and tubes, all crafted of elemental metals. Fiddling with the setup has a 5 in 20 chance of drenching you in elemental proto-slime, and slowly transforming you into an ooze.
  33. A jeweled scepter laying against an ancient throne. Reads as mundane, but is actually detection-shielded. When removed, an ancient order of mummified assassins mobilizes to recover it.
  34. A rod of burnt ivory. Carrying it to a location with over 100 individuals in a 1 mile radius causes 5 in 20 chance of a spontaneous wedding, and 5 in 20 chance of a spontaneous murder.
  35. The dagger of decimation. 3 charges. Consume 1 charge to make 10 attacks on a single target. Turns to dust when charges reach 0. On a roll of 1, all the attacks are against the wielder.
  36. A parasitic blob of flesh, with feeler hairs and a primitive eye stalk. It follows a target slowly until it attaches itself to them.
  37. An ebony rod with a pair of metal studs in the handle. Activating it causes the user to disappear for a moment. Roll 1d100. On a 98+, the user went somewhere very unpleasant. On a 00, something came back with the user.
  38. A Xeriscape with a number of exotic plants and cacti. An uneducated person has a 1 in 6 chance of grabbing a poisonous plant, and a 1 in 6 chance of grabbing a helpful plant.
  39. A chest under a metal cage, attached to a chain. A crank in the corner is also attached to a chain. Turning the crank lifts the cage over the chest and, when turned all the way, activates a poison gas trap.
  40. A large statue of a lizardman holding a valuable crystal orb. Picking up the crystal orb casts a “Stone to Flesh” spell. The room was carved from the stoned flesh of a giant, and the entire room reverts to mush.
  41. A fountain with a bright beam of sunlight hitting it. Stepping with 10' of the fountain unveils the shading spell and subjects the viewer to a bombardment of Prismatic Spray.
  42. A colony of dung beetles rolling balls of dung away from a massive dung pile.
  43. A room, open to the sky, filled with snow, and pacing footprints.
  44. (survey_says) A reposed suit of armor, made of glass, with embalmed remains visible inside.
  45. A room with a weapon rack on the side. Each weapon the players pick up causes an identical weapon to animate.
  46. (depressioncore) A room with treasure inside it. On close examination, these are tiny creatures that look like gold and gems.
  47. A crystal bottle filled with a clear liquid on the table. When uncorked it releases a plague that covers the landscape.
  48. A sword sticks out of a stone and anvil in the center of the room. When removed, the anvil and stone collapse inwards and the room opens up and unleashes a massive scaled beast with six legs and a tentacled face.
  49. (brilliantmaster) An impaled little girl in the center of the room, reaching out towards you. If you touch her, the stone of the floor unleashes tentacles, and the room reveals itself as a predatory creature.
  50. (Endaline) A room filled with carvings of hundreds of monsters. As soon as one's name is spoken, it comes to life and attacks.
  51. A horse-sized golden idol bolted to the floor. Viewers gain an innate sense of the direction it rests, and they have a 1 in 6 chance each night of having a nightmare about the idol.
  52. An ancient man in a crown sitting on a throne of gold with bags of gold coins behind him.
  53. In the hollow of a tree, a delicious nectar based draught. If you drink it, a random body part is transformed into the body part from a random animal for 1d6 days.
  54. A book in an ancient language. If you tattoo the complete text on your body, you enter the covenant of Mak Rigor, the god of writing things down and forgetting them.
  55. (Deathdoom9) A floor panel before the room clicks down, weighing the party before they enter, and setting up a number of weights in secret panels behind the walls. In the room, three solid gold statues rest on pedestals. At the exit of the room, another floor panel weighs the party again. If the weights differ, the statues come to life and attack.
  56. (Stormnl) A choir sings in the center of the room in a circle. If interruped, a great evil is unleashed from the floor below.
  57. A demon is trapped in a magical circle. He just wants to be let out, and promises a Wish spell if the players let him out. He's telling the truth.
  58. A demon is trapped in a magical circle. He just wants to be let out, and promises a Wish spell if the players let him out. He is lying.
  59. A poisoned needle that causes the afflicted to puke out a random monster once every 8 hours.
  60. (Sssxc) A very narrow rickety bridge across the center of the room. It will only bear the weight of one person; the first person to cross bravely dispels the illusion, and the bridge is revealed to be solid and wide.
  61. A large ruby on a pedestal. If anyone tries to take it, it animates and zips out of their grasp in the direction of the nearest, most dangerous monster or trap.
  62. A wrought iron cap sealing a shaft. When opened, a noxious rot-gas escapes, spreading over the landscape for 2d4 miles around. All who inhale it must save or be turned into ravenous cannibalistic ghouls.
  63. A lake, with an island made of carved marble in the middle of it. A rowboat rests on the shore. If a player makes it to the island, a beautiful, sweet-seeming woman will plead for the player to row her ashore. This is a bad idea.
  64. A cavern with a lake. In the bottom of the lake is a golden glowing sword. It looks 4 feet deep, but is actually 40. Players attempting to swim to the sword must save to turn back if they start drowning.
  65. A guard standing between two doors. He says, one door = life, other door = death, yadda yadda. This is all a ruse. He tries by any means necessary to get a player to hold his Halberd for a moment. If anyone does, that person will be stuck to the halberd by the hand, and the guard will be released.
  66. Five Graven Idols to various dead gods.
  67. A locked and iron barred chest, hooked up to a crank via a series of very large gears. Turning the crank slowly turns the wheels and will eventually open the chest, but the crank grows hotter and hotter with every turn.
  68. A pit of bolas. When approached, the bolas animate and fly out of the pit, attempting to drag anyone nearby into it.
  69. An oubliette, containing a wizard who has been sustaining himself on magic for hundreds of years. Leakage has been resurrecting the dead in the surrounding lands, but this is entirely unintentional on his part.
  70. A foot-long slug with glittering skin. Rubbing its slime on your skin causes fleshy, glittering tendrils to grow for 1d6 days before falling off. These give the impression of great beauty to onlookers.
  71. A construct made of a thief's mummified eyes, ears, and severed hand. Speaking a command word will cause the object to animate and seek out and steal the most valuable object possessed by a given target.
  72. Three frogs in glittering cages, with a bottle of amber liquid between them. When each is given a drop of the liquid, the frogs sing an oracular song about the location and nature of a magical item within 5d20 miles.
  73. A sword crafted of razor thin bone scales. Creatures touched by its blade grow thick, heavy eruptions of scale from their wounds almost instantly. 5% chance to affect the hand wielding the sword as well.
  74. A large, disembodied, slowly drifting heart. Coming within 7'7” of it causes you to be overwhelmed with paralyzing sorrow.
  75. Six blind swordsmen, in a pseudo- mexican standoff.
  76. A well furnished sitting room, on the ceiling. A man sits in an armchair smoking a pipe.
  77. A pile of birdcages.
  78. A single, man-sized mushroom.
  79. Three blind mice.
  80. A fancy pack of playing cards.
  81. A jeweled comb. 1 in 6 chance of being poisoned.
  82. A desk with fountain pen, ink, and paper. On the paper is a letter from a random party member, confessing to a murder.
  83. A small ivory statue of a sloth, inlaid with gold.
  84. An echo chamber.
  85. A cask of wine, in an excellent vintage.
  86. A fully stocked kitchen, and a very excited chef.
  87. A complete, though cracked, set of glassware.
  88. A glistening, opalescent egg. It hatches into thousands of centipedes when disturbed.
  89. A bird's nest containing an egg. A statue of a rooster stands nearby.
  90. A well.
  91. Meathooks, hanging meats to cure.
  92. A playroom for a luxurious-looking cat. It ignores you.
  93. A golden ball that rings softly when moved.
  94. A garbage chute. Something gurgles and grinds at the bottom.
  95. A row of hammocks.
  96. A mosaic of a labyrinth on the ceiling.
  97. A miniature-sized fork.
  98. A tuning fork.
  99. A fishtank, obscured by algae.
  100. A work of fiction.

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