Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roll 1d100: Random Magic Item Enchantments

This list was made in collaboration with the Rollplay community over at /r/itmejp!  A huge thanks to everyone who gave suggestions.  As a disclaimer, some of these may have come from other sources online.  If one of these originated with you, let me know and I'll be happy to drop you a credit.

For the Extra Life session I ran for Rollplay, donations had unlocked a Priest in town who could sell players random magic item enchantments.  After paying, the player would roll 1d100 and the listed enchantment would affect the item offered to the Priest.

1. Resistant to: 1 Fire – 2 Cold – 3 Necrotic – 4 Radiant – 5 Thunder – 6 Acid – 7 Lightning – 8 Poison
2. Vulnerable to (1d8 above)
3. Stat counts as if 19:
1 Strength – 2 Dexterity – 3 Constitution – 4 Intelligence – 5 Wisdom – 6 Charisma
4. Stat counts as if 6 (1d6 above)
5. Item gains sentience and a randomly rolled alignment (1d3 for each part)
6. (Gen rolled this one!) 1/long rest, sprout seraphim wings. Gain a fly speed equal to walking speed for 5 minutes. Blind all who look directly at you. Count as an Angelic creature for this duration.
7. You no longer need to breathe.
8. 1d6 times per short rest you can burp at will and produce a large toad. This toad can carry a short dictated message to a destination you've visited and deliver the message to a target you've spoken with in the past. The toad hops out of sight and then travels instantly to an out of sight location within hopping distance of its destination.
9. You can speak with cats. Others who hear the conversation will only hear loud meowing.
10. You can speak French. French is not spoken in the Forgotten Realms.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Roll 1d100: Plot Twists, or rather, Revelations

I had a poll for what this list would contain, and the voters selected "plot twists."  Since "plot" is what happens to the player characters, I interpreted that as "revelations"- the moments of realization that could come as players pursue their activities.

It turns out that...
  1. The werewolf of Wyden forest is the local hunter leading the tracking party.
  2. Members of the nobility have adopted a fashion of extreme paleness and lethargy because the Queen has only been draining noble volunteers she favors.
  3. Ravik the Sublime is only a half-wit vat-clone. The original Ravik died years ago.
  4. The prophecy was forged by the previous regime to quell fear and discontent.
  5. The army of undead was just an inadvertent byproduct of a trapped wizard's attempts to prolong his life.
  6. The amorphous creature below was once the left hand of Ullsk, the warrior-king drawn, quartered, and burned for his crimes.
  7. The rings cause perpetual happiness, but only by siphoning negative thought and emotion into a vessel locked away below.
  8. The vessel is a blind, deaf child, raised in darkness, fed only the milk of the allspider.
  9. The gallows tree is a polymorphed ancient wyrm named Sear, feeding the deaths from his branches through his roots to something deep underground.
  10. The nine missing children each share a birthmark with Westrus, the first paladin

Roll 1d100: Things in Rooms

100 things you could find in a room!

  1. A book containing 1,001 curses.
  2. An elven prince, turned to glass.
  3. A beautifully flowering plant with a heady aroma.
  4. 144 champagne flutes filled with differing amounts of amber liquid.
  5. A time-stop bubble containing an infant in a cradle and a collection of various limbs.
  6. A pair of rats playing a game of chess and engaging in political discourse.
  7. A bathtub filled awith crystal clear hot water.
  8. A portrait of a landscape. With the right pass phrase, an onlooker can enter the world of the painting.
  9. A single kobold with a spiked chain standing on a bridge over a pit.
  10. An unlamp that sheds darkness as a lantern.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

What's all this then?

Hi!  I'm Steven!  I make videogames, and I play a lot of pen and paper role playing games.  At the time of writing this, I GM a show over on called R&D (we play a new system for 4-8 weeks to check it out, then swap to a different system), and I also play on a show on the same channel called Swan Song.  I also host a talk show about GMing over at (and with Adam Koebel, called "Being Everything Else."

Why am I here?

I've been making 1d100 lists of fun stuff to drop into a role playing game and now that I'm up to 3 or so I wanted a place to keep them all in order.  I make no guarantees that this blog will ever turn into anything more, but at the very least they'll be here where you can find them for posterity's sake.

So... Roll 1d100!

P.s.- unless otherwise stated, these lists are original!  Feel free to borrow, steal, share, tear apart, and rebuild.  If I've inadvertently taken something without crediting, just let me know and I'll be happy to link.