Monday, August 1, 2016

Dungeons & Developments

I had completely forgotten that I had this blog!

For a long time, OSR / D&D blogs have been an endless source of inspiration for me.  While actual play has shaped my game running the most, I owe a debt of gratitude to the folks who produce such mind expanding content around gaming.

I guess I'd like to contribute back what I can!  And so I invoke the seraphs and the watchers of the outer dark to aid me in this, my spell of Resurrect Blog.

Most recently, I've been reading and re-reading Jonathan Miller's summary of Bryce Lynch's Principles of Adventure Design.  I've also been reading through some OSR adventures, such as Deep Carbon Observatory, by Patrick Stuart and Scrap Princess, and The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions, by D. Vincent Baker.

The 30-point Principles of Adventure Design are super inspirational to me, and they both reinforce what I find has worked well in my original adventures at my table, and highlight what has not.

I look forward to incorporating these into my adventure prep to come!

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